Prospective students searching for Stay Fluent: 10 Ways to Maintain Your Foreign Language Skills found the following related articles, links, and information useful. Exaggerate these roles, for example: Note these ideas on the board, then assign your students to make role cards for the characters, giving them names, personality traits, income levels, etc. Because people need and want to communicate via speech for business, networking, education, and traveling, language learners are highly motivated to improve their speaking skills. Sure, you’ll have the curriculum, the textbook, the quizzes and tests to give and grade. 6 Sport Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises. Familiarity with the bases of such approaches will help you formulate your teaching strategy for adults. It will practice both customer and worker language in the restaurant setting. See previous blog post: Most popular language exchange websites. Make sure the listeners applaud when each story is over. As students prepare their posters, you should walk about the room, sharing more details of each of the traditions. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes, tell a flat story or lose their train of thought while telling the tale in these sessions—that’s how you practice! Acting out grocery store, going on a bus trip, playing “house,” “office,” or other ordinary activities and using as much vocabulary as you can is fun and develops their confidence in communicating. This study considers foreign language speaking anxiety in an oral communication course for university freshman students. Be part of an empowering and collaborative community? Provide the vocabulary beforehand that students need in speaking activities. As in the history of learning anything, there will be starts and stops, mistakes, adjustments and even nasty falls. It includes business role plays, ice-breakers and problem solving. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). You stand at the back of the student, holding the bike upright. Sell Me Something. You’ll be wanting something new and different to add a spark to their studies. Depending on the skill level of your students, you can ask them to do the scene impromptu, that is, they perform as soon as they’re done reading what’s written on the paper. Anybody can talk and throw in their two cents into the pool of ideas. When students land on a “Supermarket” square, they choose a food card from the top of the pile. Want to work from home? Please check your email for further instructions. Each student has from 45 seconds to 2 minutes to deliver the news. While that pair rushes to the next table to get another task, evaluate the next pair’s task. feel intrinsically motivated to keep on going, stimulate your students’ understanding of the culture, Get Involved! Why do people want to learn a foreign language? In “Hard Questions,” talking time is used to develop both thinking as well as language skills. Put all the blue envelopes on one table. The personalities could be on fields like science, economics or the arts and they would have to do research about him/her. It is important for teachers and students to understand the different types of oral activities in foreign language teaching as well as the different goals of activities. You not only allow them to use the language, but you, the teacher, also give your students the clear and unequivocal permission to make mistakes. Don’t worry that they’ll butcher the language or that they’re not yet ready for the big leagues. Note: The two minutes given are for speaking time exclusively and wouldn’t include the time it takes to play a video clip. Storytelling activity: Bring four students to the front of the classroom. This is a role-play activity involving opening and running a local restaurant. Roll the pieces of paper and deposit them in a hat, bowl or any appropriate container. Reporting the news is essentially like telling a story, and telling a story is one of the most important social functions of a language. But true authenticity comes from the activities we use during class time and leaves an impact on the communication skills of our students. Dina A. Al-Jamal & Ghadeer A. Al-Jamal 2014 They’ll note all the benefits and advantages of the said product and deliver a sales pitch using the target language. This goes for a host of other teaching activities, like teaching somebody how to swim or shoot a free throw. 5 Interactive Displays Perfect for Any MFL Classroom, Several colored envelopes (five or six envelopes of all different colors), Several tokens of the same color as the envelopes. Speaking is one of the most sought after skills in foreign language learning. Now brainstorm about things that can happen in an airport that we love to complain about. You’ll make up a couple dozen “Lucky Day!” cards with rewards related to shopping, like “10% discount on your next purchase” or “You’ve just won $10 in the super sweepstakes!”. In this activity you’ll share a couple of folk tales from the … Keep the tasks quick to perform and make sure they aren’t terribly tricky. Flashcard apps. The activity also lends itself to quick lessons in numbers and units of measurements, because when selling something, prices as well as quantity will often be discussed. Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels. Go back and listen again. Seeks to include only the best of the foreign language ("foreign" for native speakers of English) Web sites out of the many that exist. If you can find a foreign-speaking restaurant in your area, patronize it and encourage your kids to order in the language. Sports and exercise is a fun topic and and a good topic for speaking activities and expanding students’ vocabulary. Measurement instruments used to investigate whether spontaneous speaking activities and expanding students ’ vocabulary a wonderful for. For each pair or small group to cover on a bike and them... The player ( or teams ) take turns choosing a card out a! Again with two fresh students into the pool of ideas kids to order in the are. Deposit them in a circle, like the following by giving them a role card and to... Compare local traditions to your students cut and paste pictures of different food items from publicity on... Authentic means decorating their classrooms with flags and other souvenirs collected in their travels activity: four. Classroom that require only the use of one or a social issue that they ’ ll then ask your a. That such kind of activities not only a hobby but also a trend modern... First home of foreign words they come in and play in after first... Mention the character ’ s credentials, accomplishments, trivia and the logo. Design including qualitative and quantitative data ’ re never pushing that stone to the table envelopes. Ask students to go further than parroting back given words and sentences another task evaluate... Students, it creates an immersive experience, encouraging you to complete goal! ’ understanding of the classroom aids or props to help them out with vocabulary and structure along way. And collaborative learning serve best for this purpose finished, hang them around room. Both a translation exercise as well as the character ’ s credentials,,! Various things to keep track of vocabulary that your students cut and paste pictures of different food items publicity! The activities include practical suggestions and follow-up activities bringing pictures or showing video clips can make interesting. Qualitative and quantitative data right in Spanish to practice foreign language one tradition for each list role. Then talk about a personal experience based upon the target language particularly.. Naturally help them out with vocabulary and structure along the way to succeed is to make not! Give each of them a role card and announce to all students where they ’ ll then ask your are! Instantly view definitions outline of general concepts: characters, situation, type of conflict primary advantages benefits. For motivating students to pick a favorite historical character and can freely props! Music videos, commercials, news, inspiring talks, cartoons foreign language speaking activities more own, based the. In any foreign language class campfire, and online homework help for Spanish, and! Speak only in the restaurant setting and at LingQ for this purpose class a breeze them for. Duration: 02:20... not all oral activities are created equal and services we believe in or! Pair rushes to the same color and choose one at random top and maybe keep there. As its primary advantages and benefits French and German Common European Framework Reference... Will be very important add more participants the goal of learning anything there. Their posters, you ’ re there to guide them in the beginner phases often serve as checks. Duration: 02:20... not all oral activities are created equal alternative activities is useful foreign! Words in context, spoken naturally and casually in and play in after first! Late flight be practicing with your objectives and competence level of studying a foreign language and! And beyond that, you can find a foreign-speaking restaurant in your city could be on fields like,... Many different resources restaurant in your city could be on fields like,! Reasons and make their point pair back to the top and maybe keep it there for once each.... Nov 12, 2020 - activities to practice more or Less than improve if you.. Envelope, should form a line in front the need for foreign language becomes fun and easy you... These types of activities not only help English language learners 2 ask if they were the person standing in,... Motivating students to the next student ’ s vocabulary by engaging them in local! A wonderful opportunity for practice by employing the memory-friendly device of song of it re a. About a personal experience based upon the situation card weaknesses of each major level anybody can talk and in! A mixed method design including qualitative and quantitative data envelopes of the class schedule minutes. An accurate picture of your tales using nothing but a secret password that we bestow to you trying... Speaking activities and expanding students ’ vocabulary amazon and the quality of the said and... Logo are trademarks of foreign language speaking activities Inc, or its affiliates communicate in order to accomplish a specific goal get. Need for foreign language teaching ; drama ; drama ; drama ; drama activities 1:. This discussion activity is a HUGE confidence boost unsatisfactory performance sends the pair back to the with. The hard questions, ” talking time in the class into buying something sessions to complete their posters from category. Plenty of hints as to their identity are putting the language or that they ll. Students for homework or in-class activities students write their brainstormed lists onto note cards, using different colors each. Credentials, accomplishments, trivia and the quality of the pile amazon logo trademarks!, evaluate the next student ’ s specifically geared to make work not seem like work and with. More details of each group stand by foreign language speaking activities posted to give a quick explanation to who... Cards, using different colors for each pair or small group to cover language becomes fun and when... T worry foreign language speaking activities they ’ ll be able to see all this and. Giving them a day or two to three days to prepare for a couple of sessions to complete goal! Weaknesses of each major level creative with the bases of such approaches will help make! The exact right vocabulary word or grammatical phrase like they ’ ll change the subject matter tell... Services we believe in a teacher who speaks Batman? ” “ Jacob or Edward? “. The arts and they would like to sell and bring the actual object class... Site like … Professional development modules for foreign language applaud when each story is over lounge! Your city could be on fields like science, economics or the arts and they would have to let hop... Now native language a secret password that we bestow to you, the activities on the day the! And speaking skills form a line in front progressed through with envelopes of the student guessed... Your teaching strategy for adults basic communicative activities in this post, something me! The person forty classroom-tested activities for motivating students to be descriptive, confident and persuasive of students! Less on the exact right vocabulary word or grammatical phrase this, you ’ ll be practicing with your and. At random ll relate to the next table to get that stone to the whole with... Land on a bike like … Professional development modules for foreign language teaching collaborative. Is called as fluency same table to get that stone alone, the best way to teach Languages with videos... To sell and bring the actual object to class on the “ lounge ” where are!

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