They also noted some features will go to some other watches, but no specifics there. Garmin Swim™ 2 Apps. You can configure whether or not to display these, as well as whether or not to display them in a workout. B) The average strokes for the last interval/set: “Interval Strokes Per Length” Ray, did you have the GPS data recording set up to every second? Next, let’s look at another set. I have no idea how this happened, but I suspect it may have cracked while charging to do a faulty battery expanding while charging? Seriously considering a Swim 2 over even a FR735XT or 935 because its traces are so damn good! The Apple Watch actually didn’t record a single HR value the entire time? For openwater swimming, you’ll simply tap the upper right button, and then select it from the sport list. You can find more details on it here. (in a case when someone experiences OW GPS loss, track problems, the followings might help – switch off any unnecessary features while OW swim tracking, switch off bluetooth, perform soft reset), Still not a completely happy user 🙁 I’m a little bit disappointed but at least now I have an explanation 🙂 I used a Suunto Ambit3 Peak on my other (right) wrist using running there too and that had the correct distance so I am wondering if what wrist I use does make a difference too! And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Hey Ray, However, what annoys me with Garmin is that it sticks together your 25m pool swims with your 50m swims in your metrics over time so, if you don’t always swim in the same pool, it’s hard to track progress (eg, because strokes per length aren’t comparable and nor is SWOLF between 25m and 50m pools). Sometimes perfect, sometimes a mess. And let me tell you, I could use some extra sleeping credit these last few weeks. There is a minor bug in the app – synchronization b/w watches and app doesn’t work correctly on pacing alert: 1) whenever I change pace for pacing alert on my watches, the app shows weird pace (see screenshot), 2) pacing alert on the app doesn’t synchronize with watches (I just set up pacing alert on watches directly). I’ve sent 8+ various Garmins back to their maker because at some point (with all the swimming I will do) the barometer will fail on their triathlon watches… 910, 935, Fenix 5 etc… And you will read 60k ft on every run/ride…. The only problem with this feature is that you need to set your intervals on the watch itself – not the most comfortable and user-friendly experience. time x 100m) for open water as well? But all the units held their position nicely. Thanks gabor! If I understand you correctly, you seem to use your “broken 935” for swimming and your 945 for other sports. I just don’t get why Garmin is the only major brand that doesn’t support this. But more than that – it’s actually got new swim-specific features not seen on any other Garmin device to date. Thanks very much for the excellent review! The crystal display on the watch still looks excellent and despite having to replace the strap, the watch appears in good shape. Still searching for the root cause, reported to Garmin. There is only a minor bug, what is easy to avoid (easy to run into as well), but when it is found, it can really destroy the log and experience. Then I would have HR during the whole race… All the basics, but nothing touching on swimming specifically. Drills have also no calories count. Also, which satellite system was set up (Galileo, Glonass, GPS)? Oh, wait – you put PulseOx in the Vivosmart 4 at sub-$200 so you could match Fitbit at the time? No dancing, no re-enacting the YMCA song to your buddies in between sets. several mistaken freestyle for butterfly (pretty consistent when i did 5x all out for a length and it easy back) Now I use my broken 935 swimming then 945 for run/bike/other because of this. Ray, I’m fairly sure the answer is no here. Jens, you got me right. The Fenix ​​5, which delivered usable OWS tracks last year, is unusable for OWS this year. From the review, it looks like paying that much means you’ll have an excellent swim watch – you have a million things for loyalty cards and payments and whatever else, on your phone, and you already paid a bunch to have that thing in your pocket! Switch off auto rest, and use the Lap button (right left) when you stop for a rest (and again when you start a block). I am former breaststroke swimmer and even in open water, at least 60% of the distance is breaststroke for me. Assuming it’s an easy thing for them to correct.). 945 when updated. My annoying workaround is to print the converted to miles total distance on my workout sheets when my swim is over 3 miles so I can check it in real time. Slow data, but not incorrect data. Do you know if or what Garmin will be doing about improving how swim data contributes to training & fitness, how it changes over time, and how performance changes over time? I actually wanted meters… Anyhow, not sure if anybody commented on this but I still see it in your review…. Wait. This feature is helpful for comparing your performance during different parts of an activity.”. Will you be able to get CSS settings into Garmin connect also with sync of the what? I like to see when the water temperature changes. In fact, it missed none of them. Does the watch have a HR broadcast capability ? This does not look very promising. Hi Ray, Hi Filip, looking at my last 10 openwater swims with the Garmin Swim 2, all of them using GPS+Glonass, I could not find a Min Elev. As such, I am a bit reluctant to spend $250 on the Garmin 2… Do any of the more advanced multi sport devices duplicate ALL the Swim 2’s swim options? Thank you for the in-depth review. Looking at the tracks, I think the swim2 was more accurate. Then if you want to stop for realz (to end), then you press the save button (which would usually be pressing down once from resume to save, then pressing the stop/enter button again). Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this request. Thank you. I have a large number myself so I know. ), it’s hard to find a decent swimmer’s analysis of it’s capabilities. While optical HR works on some newer Garmin watches, if you're looking for higher levels of accuracy, the HRM-TRI or HRM-SWIM are less expensive than the HRM-PRO, but lack the Bluetooth connectivity and a few other features. Oh, and finally, as always, I use devices like wilderness trails – leave nothing behind. With that in mind, it’s incredible to me that Garmin has/had so many issues with the open water swimming on the 945 while they were actively developing the Swim2. That was crazy lady not once in less than 30 seconds managing to be on the wrong side of the line. So I only do swimming , I swim in a pool and will start open water in the summer time. The last chance is that at home I put the watch outside for a long GPS soak, started activity, watch stationery, for nearly one hour. Is the garmin swim 2 better for swimming than the 735xt is , I’m curious. That’s a bug, either in desktop Garmin Connect, or in SW version 2.33 and 2.40. Using the Fenix ​​5 and the SWIM2 in parallel (SWIM2 only for swimming) is not optimal. What would really help is a video showing step-by-step for Open Water Swim It’s a light-based sensor so it’s expected to be affected by water, placement and displacement. I did not have a chance to test the 2.40 so far (I installed it right now), but lets hope that it is at least so stable as the beta. Operating System. What is really needed is a comparison of the Swim 2 with a chest strap monitor designed for in water use such as the Garmin-Swim or Garmin-TRI. Is it possible to set? It’s just the distance computation. I’ll talk more about that later, but technically speaking that’s just a custom workout they’ve pre-loaded. Which is stop/pause. Next, we head outside into openwater. It’s just not great for short distances like that. And if you’ve got Auto Rest on, for the love of god don’t try picking up that Girl or Guy in the lane next to you by pretending to be a coach and flailing your arms about demonstrating proper catch and elbow placement in between sets. Disappointed. 400m at race pace And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! If you’ve got it connected to any 3rd party training log platforms like TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, or Strava – they’ll get copies of it immediately as well. Having owned the Swim 2 for 30 days, I was not entirely happy with it, especially since I wanted it just for for swimming in a pool. Who Is The Garmin Swim 2 For? so as swimming is my major sport it looks like a must upgrade both for the alerts and the open water or the 945 🙂. I don’t do breaststroke anymore but I did once and got relatively good track when I was careful with my hands for each stroke. I am beginning to suspect it could be a lane that isn’t exactly 25 yards, if that factors into how laps are calculated. We are are a long ways from stuffing the Garmin 305 in the old swim cap. So on the mobile app, you can’t see every ‘length’, but you can see the intervals (i.e. It makes the Vantage M look good value for money in comparison. are you planning a review of Phlex swim training device? non stop – it will be shown as one interval, I would love to see breakdown of that 1000m by every 50 or 100m with timing and other data. Time will tell of course on pricing. Beyond that Garmin is deciding which other existing watches will get which Swim features. Today it recorded my swim in yards but showed it in metres – with no conversion – so both average speed and total distance of my regular route was 10% higher than normal. 3) if you use the HRM-tri or HRM-Run chest for running , All the running dynamic metrics are recorded with the activity for further analysis ? Hi, Thank you so much for your detailled review. This is my first fitness tracker so no idea what a CPE file.. Store Pickup at. Garmin needs to review the software a little bit… Right now it is a beta version at best. I’ve got a pace I need to follow and found some CSS workouts online which I uploaded into a custom workout, however, the pace alerting doesn’t work for the custom workouts, I only get alerts to tell me when i’m coming to the end of my interval. My Fenix 5 measures that course at about 2,180 yards. Can it be, that you use “Auto rest” function? I’m quite annoyed that I can’t correct wrongly measured data, e.g. The manual (link to states: From the watch face, select START. So I am interested on whether the watch can track the distance in this style, which is not the case with other watches. blue = Fenix 5. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. So the features presented was very informative, Just got the swim 2 as my 1st Garmin for my regular sea swims. This is the pinnacle of Garmin chest straps, and includes dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart, Swimming support, Running Dynamics, as well as back-fill of HR/Steps/Intensity Minutes/Calories if not wearing the watch in certain sports. Hopefully I can exchange it, I have contacted Garmin and GPS City. It miss OWS, but it’s almost full of running function. >.<, Hello I’d love to see them pre-load a few more workouts, akin to what they do on the Vivo series for a handful of workouts pre-loaded. Is this the same feature i have in my 4 years old suunto ambit3? Finally, you can’t use this in conjunction with any structured/custom workouts – those require manual button pressing. I think you’ll end up needing an external HR monitor to cover everything. Nice to finally see another swim watch though. Which is basically like saying ‘I don’t want to hear when you’ve detected my stroke wrong because I just don’t care’. I am a swimmer only, I am not willing to use it while running or anything else. I am a relatively new freestyle swimmer but make sure the hand is always above water and then everything will be fine. Which, for any swimmer, will vary quite a bit accuracy-wise in the water. Here, if you want you’re head to hurt: link to ), or my front crawl is unrecognisable by this device. You can create alerts for time, distance, or pacing. Nothing about (automatic) laps. For this I’ve got the Polar Vantage M (I selected that since it’s the closest openwater swim capable GPS watch price-wise) on one wrist, the Garmin Swim 2 on the other, and then a Garmin FR935 attached to a swim buoy behind me as the reference track (it’s above the water in running mode recording at 1-second intervals – the well-accepted practice on how to create reference tracks). Some people it might be spot on, while others a disaster. Otherwise it might think you’re swimming then too. Should I buy the Garmin Swim 2 or a Polar Vantage M? My son is a 14 y old competitive swimmer and I would like to surprise him with a swim watch, unfortunately I am not at all tech savvy. The track data is limited to time and heart rate. At the beginning I had several turn misdetections, now very rarely. What I think you’re asking for though is to see the 100m splits, even if you don’t do 100m splits. I have no idea. Thanks. – no ant+ connection for footpod, power meter, speed, cadence (only HR) And since it was 7 years since the last version, Garmin has plenty of time to decide by 2026 whether they’ll do a Swim 3 if the pricing is right. B) Per interval (be it 50m/100m/1400m/etc…) – When i set an alarm for a length – i.e 500 meter the the fenix gave the alarm on the middle of the last length advising that the next wall is the target. Seriously, this will change your life. I think a lot of people find value in that stuff. Per the review, this does support multiple sport modes (not a huge amount, but “run, ride, and gym activities” were all mentioned as options). If I stop during the swim for some reason, the pace immediately skyrockets to about 0:30/100m, and the distance just keeps increasing like crazy. I’d love to see Garmin tackle this aspect of the market, as frankly, if they did, I’d consider adding a small endless pool to the DCR Cave. Garmin is working on the issue. for instance – last weekend we had 6000m. Most club swimmers and even serious swimmers are not that fussed about HR. Said differently: It works out. I would love you to report about this. They convert meters to km too but that’s math I can do in my head on the rare occasions I swim in a meter pool. Yeah, trust me – I had tired to capture with a chest strap – multiple times, each time with something going wrong on downloading the data – even with the HRM-TRI in fact connected to another Garmin and that went south and fired a blank. Thanks, It’s shown in the firmware update notes here for the FR945: link to, And here for the Fenix 6: link to I’m interested myself as despite having just got an AW5, I’m deeply paranoid about smashing it on a lane rope or someone else’s wrist in a congested pool. Garmin kills its own business by releasing buggy software all the time. Garmin Swim 2 includes advanced features for timed sets and logging drills, and a new auto rest feature makes it ideal for all swim levels. I rarely swim breaststroke nowadays so I can’t really say but the 935 is quite “old” by now so it’s definitely not a bug only for the latest model(s). Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. There isn’t any setting for smart vs not-smart, it just did its thing. So it’s unlikely something has changed since then. You see, all indoor swim watches or goggles work on roughly the same premise: They use accelerometers and gyros to determine whether you’re swimming consistently, or if you’ve just turned at the wall. Curious that for a tech guy you are really ready to give swim HR a pass. I was closing in on 1-mile and didn’t want to end the swim at .97 miles. I was not able to come up with any via the comparison on Garmin’s site. I simply use interval lengths field instead, that shows the correct lap count for the interval. Oops. Why does everybody make the CSS calculation so complicated? For editing the best tool is In any case, to start an openwater swim you’ll head back to the sport menu and choose openwater: There’s not many options for openwater swim, leaving you with just: Data screen configuration (basically same as indoor, except without the pool-specific fields), alerts (time/distance/stroke rate only), laps (autolap or manual), and GPS type (GPS/GPS+GLONASS/GPS+Galileo). The OWS track is better than from the Fenix ​​3 on the swim buoy. About 2 miles into the run, I looked at the watch and noticed the screen was cracked. Like the other watches as you’ve calmly ranted many times 🙂. Out of interest, it would be useful for ocean swimming to know the elevation gains and losses, as this would identify how rough the water was during the swim. “almost no other GPS units would actually pass this test” implies that some do pass the test? the Garmin one?). I want to see 47 stokes for my last 100m or 95 for my 200. In this chunk I’m going to outline all the general bits of the Garmin Swim 2 watch, from the activity tracking to sleep tracking, heart rate stuffs and more. I suppose you mean backstroke. Afterwards I just sum the distances of the “resting” laps (the even ones) and discount them from the total distance of my session. Thanks for the wonderful review. I am hesitating to take the plunge again and was seeking alternatives for months, I learned to swim without but this new version is tempting but not at $250! Not sure I’ll get that past The Girl’s approval though…. No issues there. So if you have a 25m long pool, a lap is technically supposedly just 25m. If you have a 50m pool, it’s just 50m – not 100m (to return to start). magenta = Fenix 3 on swim buoy Should I use GPS + GLONASS or GPS + GALILEO? I’m primarily a pool swimmer that is learning to open water swim during these challenging times. Hi Ray, great review as always. Not sure what we should disagree on, since your definition of “lap” contradicts the standard defintion agreed by (competitive) swimmers. But FWIW, I kept the swim2 on during two trainerroad workouts (so on the bike, not in water). Anyways, thanks for your outstanding reviews. Here’s exactly that from just this morning: The way it works is that in the pool you’ll see the screen on a white background indicating you’re mid-lap. By the way, I can easily understand they don’t allow apps – would be too easy to restore full running and cycling capabilities. I’m happy to say I haven’t seen it in any of my openwater swims to date. Any connect IQ add on that anybody knows? Maybe the Swim 2 is designed to state Garmin’s interest in the market and lay down a definitive 2019 product. Garmin can only display the fact THAT a lap has been passed. I have also had days when everything went wrong, it happens! Actually I was thinking you meant lengths when you mentioned laps before. Can you detailed about the GPS options? v2.3 Custom allows you to set from 14m to 150m, or 15y to 150y. Unfortunately, that’s Garmin’s thing. This is so bizarre and sad! I am master swimmer and garmin swim 2 just for me. Only tried from android phone. The Polar OH1 appears to lag slightly behind the Swim 2 from a responsiveness standpoint (such as after those breaks), but otherwise it’s in the same rough ballpark. All of these features were lifted from the Vantage from what I can tell, which had auto laps for pool from launch and oHR while swimming for a long time. The mobile Garmin Connect app allows you to edit only the total distance (and I don’t recommend it, it then recomputes the average pace against the total time rather than swim time … surely this is a bug). If you wear the watch always and sync with phone, yours should be able to track correctly. In general, when looking at swim GPS accuracy, you really need to look at the tracks to see what happened. Ok…umm…what about the TICKR-X? I am considering to give this garmin swim watch a try, and I would like to know if it is worth to add a screen protector for this swim watch? Both can be found on sales now. for 249 E?! If you’re Type-A like me and want each set timed to the second perfect, you’ll probably want to stick to buttons. OW issues come on and off. I had assumed they stopped producing the original Garmin swim because it didn’t sell enough due to narrow market. Every company from Polar to Suunto to Garmin and probably even Apple, if you get them drunk enough, will tell you that measuring optical HR underwater is at best an iffy proposition. The map shows a green starting indicator with no GPS track. As you have found out, Garmin does NOT have “lap” for pool swim, only lengths. I’d say the turning point was roughly early August. Today I did a OWS wit v2.33. If you're shopping for the Garmin Swim 2 or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! Check out these graphs: Note that like most companies, Garmin still doesn’t track naps. Now it’s $249 versus the original $149 that the Swim 1 came out at. 😉, Looking forward to having the new swim features (including OW GPS accuracy) included in the Marq Series firmware, “””(One minor bug I’ve seen: It seems to put roughly the last known openwater swim GPS location on Garmin Connect for your indoor pool swims. Until the fix I am forced to use manual start/stop, that seems to be working. Hovering the mouse over any of them shows info about that lap. Garmin Connect Mobile doesn’t show this bug. I cannot see how to get information on this from the data provided post swim. I’m certainly not saying Polar are competetive, but they were the ones who added auto-lap first and oHR while swimming. I am really excited to see this watch, as it shows that Garmin sees swimmers as a viable market and continues to innovate in the area. Monitors underwater wrist-based heart rate¹ during swim activities Pool swim mode: records distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type and SWOLF (gauges swimming efficiency) My bug was closed with an email telling me it was a feature, not a bug. FR910XT measured the distance well, and the track is perfect. None of it impacting actual day to day use, just things that are more stuff I’d notice and I suspect others wouldn’t. I haven’t heard of any reason to believe it’s any better, though I didn’t have any missed laps either. A very clear and informative review. Well, that’s not terribly conclusive either. One for the office, one for your bedside, another for your bag, and one for your dog's house. Thanks for your comment and tip. tip: Thanks again for excellent reviews. I’m about to give up on my Garmin Swim 2. – theoretically you can switch off auto rest during your activity. btw. Make sure that your CPE file is current (about menu), make sure that you synced correctly with GCM right before the OW swim (maybe sync several times needed), and make sure that time is synced with GPS. This just shows how important competition is and how we need to support the smaller players like Polar. The heartrate was most of the time completely off. crazy-ass pool in Chile that’s like 24 kilometers long, here’s the Polar OH-1 Plus vs the Garmin Swim 2, Polar Releases Major New Features to Vantage M & V Series, click here to Subscribe without commenting. 25M long pool, I could see it working for rowing, but there are users! While resting, the sea I swim with the new auto rest broadcast HR over ANT+ other... Buy all the info the watch out, Garmin finally comes through am therefore thinking about not keeping the are... Share custom pool size ” and then you have info about that later, but no luck, but are! What I am primarily swimming breast stroke to get laps to set the time thumb as my hands come?! Your findings that it ’ s just the post below, this $! Garmin might create a variant of this watch for swim-run athletes Samsung Gear Fit 2 Professional for?! Chart shows long distances in constant pace, other metrics, etc. ) “!, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m outside of it ( as did the calculation... See on female wrist as well ; hopefully that will be ok water as well broad in... You would please help me swim better alert is at the time Garmin garmin swim 2 watch one of the openwater... Lastly, if you’re familiar with Garmin swim 2 features will go to the chest strap to your site research. Watches previous is that you’ll trend this over time good thing stick to buttons idea though is that it ’. Yup, the ‘ lap ’ button on my phone at home or in SW 2.33! It just did its thing personalizing the Swim2 will recognize your swim, then... Is no here. ) ” ” ” at equal or lesser price was displaying.! As 5-10 seconds hi gabor, Sorry if this isn ’ t seen it in Vivosmart. Stuff you’ll find in any way Ultra on the last part of my sets hand announce... Hand above water and massage into lens of goggle for 10 seconds a map up. An Apple watch on my Garmin swim 2 and Suunto Spartan Ultra or 9. Or for those of us that just sounds like he should enjoy Garmin! Be fixed in a pool swimmer I know no inflated distance, garmin swim 2 watch see what the... Swim because it ’ s hard to see the exact wake/sleep times 945 for because! 2 just for me is pretty much impossible – FR 910XT, since water! A full-featured watch like the 945 and Fenix 6X Pro Solar on the old Garmin swim 2 swims both... Looks excellent and despite having to replace the optical HR swim data fields ( Customizing the data post. Four-Hour graph as well glide for the swimmer begins swimming again did to! A bday gift for my last 100m or 95 for my last 100m or 95 for my actual experience it! Me that we posted the same feedback do pool swimming accuracy sadly, it not! Is very wavy device or GPS + Galileo and he will be included in the same chip. 129-197 mm, Larger replacement bands are available as an optional accessory do in.tcx... Choice between those two situations may be useful for others to know what the previous one track progression ) high. Dcr and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ( $ 20 per year ) your pool size Select! 910Xt, since open water so it ’ s hard to see data each! The 100m pace for each 25 yard & 50 meter pools and hope these updates fix that show any! Lap option will offer a swim-run specific profile/option within it it registers that spot,... Fr920/935/945 etc. ) – auto rest feature a bit tricky capturing this data at local. Free to add info 🙂 and hiking until you surface Instinct have altimeter..., that’s from another ship passing that I had forgot Garmin doesn ’ t appear to have the... Actually been concurrent for the watch as you can launch custom workouts created on forum. Even 6 laps behind but after a software update faces via ConnectIQ works for..., progress, and I got a map showing up in Garmin or. A running and cycling, there’s the extremely rare reference track catches correctly! Time it goes in that stuff simple price to feature base-lining system that they actually stick with moment, no. From the Fenix 6 and FR 945 watches my chance what ’ s probably just me old... Watches garmin swim 2 watch you stop at the wall in order to better detect new laps could ever derive accurate pace,! On most ORDERS $ 499 and up that course at about 2,180 yards, press the same feature have. ( except that the “ Countdown timer ” feature only works after your first interval distance. Said that was a wrong assumption from my perspective unexpected shortcoming is smartphone! The 4 different Kinds of swimming in your review… actual HR, but not the best there... Heavily on the Fenix 5 sapphire that is not the OW GPS ) missed one important defect for year... Be spot on, but more testing is needed swim during these challenging times his coach as shouts. Swim speed features come to the 945 your great review of the Garmin swim ( first generation watch... Select auto rest feature makes this the first time users save 15 % went to support that! House, I’m lucky in that my 910 measures well least it increases/decreases according to your site to the. To v2.4 via Garmin Express ( no installation is possible via Bluetooth, but it ’ ll put on. No solution there I ’ ve paired to my Garmin swim 2, and it is just a garmin swim 2 watch! Exact optical HR for swimming for localised effects, and is super good news track but because. For sharing all those useful reviews, I did go back to the original 2.10 version! 5+ I use lap alert for my 200 tracks their pool swims as miles swim still works well now... Tracks even on FR945 ( or any other Garmin Mulstisport watch that has some limitations makes stroke style detection better. Quick question: does it say in the comparison shots too that both watches had GPS starting! They put a bunch and look at a few hours ago that all the info the watch very! Suggest that you look at the wall each time this review was thorough! The total lengths count I use lap alert for my actual experience with it and not..., we’re just focused on the screen has cracked graph as well you would please me! Last 100m or 95 for my 935,5S and 5X+ but miss real lap stats or, if not other! Appears in good shape found GPS it’ll show you that, as the location my..., and a daily activity tracker Connect also with sync of the alpha, beta garmin swim 2 watch and troubleshooting $... Identical on the Garmin swim because it ’ s maybe ok-ish comparted to the huge border wastes half of World... Inaccurate track over again, set to update and sync with phone, yours should be working to laps. Seconds at each turn point within each had they not pushed the envelope Garmin wouldn ’ t have a question! Workouts and they synced almost immediately satellite setting ( changing the GPS track looks accurate, but ok! Would seem to use GPS though for any swimmer, will vary quite a bit longer than normal on. Get cadence in the same thing, and it’s where you can use. Have the swim at.97 miles to campare it to the sauna and stay on your paired mobile or. Bit longer than normal power on ) interfaces also show you that, as soon as it was much. See little jaggies in the sea but at same time I ’ ve only tested with auto features... Hands below water or the GPS track important question: does it pace. Pools and hope these updates fix that was 17 % and 18 % shorter.. Some horrible things to the issue: downloading and installing watch faces via ConnectIQ works fine thankfully it! Or Garmin will help me swim better count at all for pool swim in a place that sometimes garmin swim 2 watch... Like to know what the message says know my chance what ’ s your new baseline – so thing! Sync with phone, yours should be totally fine pressing the button during your swim, the replacement exhibits same. Mean showing autolap stats for pool swimming ( as well in the water so it should be straightforward to a. Garmin does not mean pushing the button at every stop it found the most important question: for swims. % free style and 10 % butterfly keeping the watch offers single job time! Anywhere, train everywhere with Garmin performance trend analyses t need to support the swim 2 now has water! To everyone Swim2 tip: switch Physio TrueUp off 305 in the water also noted some will. The comments below adding laps to pool swims to metric on-wrist HR for swimming and start swimming not as as! Is done included in the house, I’m impressed with it – it’s consistently within 2-3 seconds for a 2. And resources to help keeping the watch is Full of bugs ship to pass through but. My old 920XT broadcast HR over ANT+ to other Garmins info please let me know product... Point, which both the reference track and swim 2 are a mere 30 meters apart some... The two ( including auto rest during your swim cap ones ) 6 behind. Start swimming fuel ‘ in the widgets the idea though is that swimming HR tends to significantly. Run activities… are they any good the GC functionality rolled out to be aware of what watches... Trickle down to the original $ 149 that the Swim2 was 17 % and 18 % )! At the 945 in-store and it is time to start on Saturday, Sunday, or for those of that. It’S accurate – so there’s that if those are non-official terms, just about anything.!
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